About us

Buying a home is more than a milestone, it’s a key to building a strong financial future. Landed is committed to helping communities invest the money they have to help the people they depend on buy homes and build financial security. We do this by servicing organizations (both private and public) that want to offer turnkey homeownership-as-a-benefit to the populations of their choice using shared appreciation down payment support.

In 2015, Alex Lofton, Jonathan Asmis and Jesse Vaughan founded Landed to uphold those who uphold us: our educators, healthcare workers, and public sector employees. As a homebuying partner, Landed has worked with employers, governments and investors to equip aspiring homebuyers across the U.S. with the tools and financial support needed to purchase $1B worth of residential real estate and make homeownership a reality for these hardworking, essential community members. 

At Landed, we know how difficult it is for most people to become homebuyers and enjoy the benefits homeownership affords. If we want stronger, safer, more sustainable communities, we need to expand how the next generation gains access to homeownership.

Our Mission & Values

Landed is on a mission to help communities and organizations invest the money they have to help the people they depend on buy homes and build financial security.This work is guided by the following values:

1) Act with humility.
Listen first, assume we don’t know it all, and honor different perspectives.

2) Find what's fair.
Do the hard work to create value that is balanced for all involved.

3) Prioritize the human.
Bring care, compassion, and thought to every relationship.

4) Own our growth.
Lead with curiosity and learn from failure.

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